Professional Assoc Insurance

Thank you for your interest in the General liability/Professional liability insurance program through your association, offered as a member benefit. Please select your association from the drop-down menu below to complete the application process and bind coverage.

Coverage Highlights

  • Coverage is written on an occurrence form of coverage for both general liability andprofessional liability.
  • Defense coverage is unlimited and outside the policy limit.
  • Coverage includes bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and professional liability, along with other coverage’s automatically built into the policy.
  • Prior Acts coverage is available for a 2-year period if you have had previous professional liability coverage on a claims made form.
  • Increased limits of liability are available, up to $5 million.
  • Worldwide coverage as long as claim is brought within the United States.

Limits of Liability
The primary policy form provides $1 million occurrence with a $3 million aggregate limit of liability. The option to purchase higher limits as well as prior acts coverage is available. For detailed pricing information specific to your association, please see the online applications below.

Online Applications – Easy to complete and submit
To fill out a form online, simply choose the association you wish to apply for on the menu below.

Certificate of Insurance form
Most commercial agreements (e.g. leases, services contracts, or vendor agreements) contain risk allocation and insurance provisions that require one party to accept responsibility for obligations should losses occur. Certificates of insurance (COI) are the customary method of showing that the party providing the certificate has met their insurance requirements. Please click here to complete a COI request form.This must be completed in addition to the Professional Insurance online form of your choice.