I Feel the Earth Move

Bricks fell from this home in Sparks, OK. Image courtesy The Associated Press. Click image for more photos.

For most Tulsans it’s not a matter of whether you felt the earthquakes over the November 5th weekend, but what impact it had on your schedule and peace of mind.

For many, it was simply good for backyard conversations or nervous Facebook posts, but for others it meant rearranging busy schedules due to minor cleanup and home or business structural inspections. And while the tremors are relatively commonplace (is it really “fracking?”) it is never convenient or calming.

So what should you do, if you’re in the throes of a tremor? Common advice says “drop. cover and hold on,” while recent assertions that a “triangle of life” have held that positioning oneself adjacent to larger sturdy objects may create a survival space. The Red Cross disagrees for structures in the U.S. Regardless, if you’re in an area prone to tremors, simple advise like putting heavier objects on lower shelves and bolting large appliances to wall structures can be helpful.

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