About Us

Do you think it doesn’t really make any difference where you buy insurance?
This misconception could be costing you money, service and protection. Buying
insurance isn’t like buying groceries or clothing. Insurance is an important safeguard
for your family, your home, your car or your business. Make your decision carefully!

Independent Insurance Agents -Represent a varying range of insurance companies,
and research with these firms to find the best combination of price, coverage and service
for each individual.

  • Is a licensed professional with strong customer and community ties.
  • Gives you excellent service and competitive prices because your agent can
    access the insurance coverage from more than one company.
  • Is not beholden to any one company allowing you to retain the same agent
    as your insurance and service needs change.
  • Assists you when you have a claim.
  • Is your consultant, working with you as you determine your needs.
  • Offers you a choice of insurance plans and programs.
  • Is a value hunter who looks after your pocketbook in finding the best combination
    of price, coverage and service.
  • Offers one-stop shopping for a full range of products, including homeowners,
    renters, auto, business, life and health insurance.
  • Can periodically review your coverage to keep up with your changing insurance needs.
  • Treats you like a person, not just another number.
  • Continued customer satisfaction is essential to an independent agent’s livelihood.
    Customers are the number one priority of Independent Insurance Agents.
    Learn more about our Association, Business or Personal Coverages today.